Vasquez announces formation of Women’s Caucus

Vasquez announces formation of Women’s Caucus

PAWTUCKET – Elena Vasquez, an at-large member of the City Council, has announced the formation of the Pawtucket Municipal Women’s Caucus.

“The Pawtucket Municipal Women’s Caucus seeks to advance women’s rights and promote the goal of gender equity in Pawtucket through influences in public policy,” said Vasquez, who is chairwoman.

The caucus, composed of Vasquez, Councilors-elect Ama Amponsah, Melissa DaRosa and Alexis Schuette, and School Committee members Erin Dube, Joanne Bonollo and Kimberly Grant, will meet quarterly, with an organizational meeting anticipated in December.

“We are honored to announce the formation of the caucus with elected women who are dedicated to advancing and empowering women as leaders and advocating for issues that improve the well-being of women and our constituents throughout the city,” said Vasquez.

In a statement, the caucus said they plan on inviting women-owned small business leaders, educators, students, and women leaders in any capacity to the table for an “honest, transparent conversation of the issues and setbacks” women face on a daily basis.

The caucus seeks to highlight the historic number of women serving in municipal office at one time, with four women on City Council and three serving on the School Committee.

The committee can be reached by emailing .