Carey: David Tikoian for Town Council president

Carey: David Tikoian for Town Council president

I recently had the pleasure and honor of working with David Tikoian on his campaign for Town Council. During my time on his campaign, I spoke with many volunteers who respected and believed in David Tikoian’s ability to make positive change in the Town of Smithfield. I met Tikoian through his involvement with the North Providence Youth Commission. As the North Providence police chief, Tikoian was passionate about working with the NP Youth Commission. He always made time to work and meet with the Youth Commissioners and listen to their concerns about the community. Although he has retired from his position as chief, he still remains a role model and resource for the commissioners.

In addition to his community involvement, Tikoian has dedicated his life to public service. Throughout Tikoian’s extensive and successful career in public service, he has continued to have a strong moral compass. He is someone who represents the skills, characteristics, and ethics of a true leader. Working closely with Tikoian on his campaign and with the NP youth commission, I saw this first hand. As someone also dedicated to a life in public service, I look up to him.

Nov. 3 showed that the voters of Smithfield believe David Tikoian will do great things for their town. Therefore, I support and know David Tikoian is the right person to run the Smithfield Town Council.

Danielle Carey