Chief: Mystery grenade removed safely

Chief: Mystery grenade removed safely

SMITHFIELD – Police Chief Richard St. Sauveur say the homeowner at 27 Green Ave. did the right thing when they called the Smithfield Police Department after discovering a grenade in the front yard while raking leaves on Sunday.

St. Sauveur said he is grateful that the homeowner discovered the training grenade before something tragic happened, such as accidentally pulling the pin while raking.

The bomb squad, police and fire departments, as well as the fire marshal confirmed that the grenade was active and would have exploded if activated, St. Sauveur said.

“It was not a toy,” the chief said of the rusted grenade with a blue pull lever.

He said the live grenade is capable of detonating, causing serious bodily harm, and death.

The department closed off a portion of the neighborhood while crews worked at disabling the grenade.

St. Sauveur said the grenade clearly had been on the lot for some time, showing wear from weather and being out in the elements. He had no leads on how the device came to be in the yard.

The police chief commended the homeowner for following the correct measures and contacting authorities.

“This is not a call you get every day. It was pretty unusual,” he said.