Land Trust purchases two properties

Land Trust purchases two properties

BURRILLVILLE – The Burrillville Land Trust in late October announced the purchase of two parcels totaling 5.16 acres of land off Douglas Pike.

The two parcels add to the holdings of the nonprofit Burrillville Land Trust, which total nearly 228 acres in the town of Burrillville. One of the parcels will add 2.23 acres to an existing property, the Amasa Esten Woodlot, formerly owned by the Boy Scouts Narragansett Council, while the other will be a foothold to other acquisitions in the area.

“With these two, we are slowly acquiring properties in this area that will leave a large swath of forest intact and un-disturbed for a very long time,” said Burrillville Land Trust President Paul Roselli.

“We hope that some day, all of these existing smaller parcels and new additions will be joined together into something much larger,” he added.

The organization purchased the parcels from Madeline Hopkins, whose family has owned land in the area for generations.

The purchase comes shortly after the organization announced a $2.2 million campaign to attempt to purchase the Sweet’s Hill property on East Avenue.

“We always knew the importance of conserved lands – for recreation, breathable air, healthy water, a living environment. But we never imagined the need would be so painfully obvious so quickly because of the COVID-19 health emergency,” said Roselli.