Sixth out-of-state plate crackdown nets 37 citations

Sixth out-of-state plate crackdown nets 37 citations

WOONSOCKET – Woonsocket’s sixth sweep for out-of-state license plates resulted in 37 citations issued between April and June of this year.

Those found in violation were summoned to appear before the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal on Oct. 8.

According to Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt, the city has prioritized enforcing the state law against out-of-state vehicle parking. State law requires vehicles parked or garaged overnight in the city for more than 30 days to be registered to that city.

“First, it is imperative that we have correct information for all vehicles in our city so we can quickly identify vehicle owners and contact next-of-kin should a public safety emergency arise where time is of the essence. Second, it is only fair to all of our resident taxpayers that if you live and drive a car in Woonsocket and use our city services, you need to register your car here and pay your fair share of car tax,” she said.

Of the 37 citations, 30 were for vehicles registered in Massachusetts, three in Florida, one in Connecticut, one in Maine and two in New York.

“Enforcement of this statute helps ensure the public safety by being able to quickly identify and locate vehicle owners should the need arise,” said Police Chief Thomas Oates.

“We are extremely thankful to the public who took the time to report the violators and are appreciative of their patience during the process. Citing violators is extremely labor extensive but worth the effort,” said Public Safety Director Eugene Jalette.

The Woonsocket Police Department has issued 264 citations to owners of out-of-state registered vehicles since January 2018.