Lincoln forgives food, liquor license renewal fees

Lincoln forgives food, liquor license renewal fees

LINCOLN – Lincoln officials are giving a small pass to local businesses that are struggling to stay afloat this year.

With all of the town’s food and drink business licenses up for annual renewal last week, Town Administrator Joseph Almond asked the Town Council to pass an emergency resolution waiving 2021 license renewal fees.

Lincoln has forgiven this year’s renewal fees, totaling $28,000, for all except retail licenses.

Almond said local liquor stores were “hit really hard” due to coronavirus restrictions. In addition, “Cinemaworld hasn’t been open, Twin River has been closed for the most part,” and restaurants are operating at less than half capacity.

“We had business owners asking if they could set up a payment plan for the renewal fee this year,” Almond said. “We want to make sure that these businesses survive. They’re the ones who were hit the hardest by restrictions … even the little bars, where they’re trying to make money serving only five people at a time.”

Lincoln’s license renewal fees differ based on the type and size of the business.

“We thought, for this year, waiving fees would be a good gesture,” he said.

In other licensing news, the Town Council’s Board of License Commissioners also voted to approve a liquor license for Fundati, a specialty coffee shop coming soon to Limerock.