‘Voices of the Earth: The Future of Our Planet II’ goes deeper on climate, need for action

‘Voices of the Earth: The Future of Our Planet II’ goes deeper on climate, need for action

Noreen Inglesi

NORTH PROVIDENCE – Much of the book “Voices of the Earth: The Future of Our Planet,” published in 2019 by Notable Works Publication and Distribution Co. Inc., was all about the beauty of Rhode Island.

The second installment, now available, at times takes a darker turn that is in line with the more troublesome situation the world finds itself in two years later, said editor and contributing poet Noreen Inglesi, while still using the beauty of poetry to convey messages of hope amid the need for action.

Inglesi, a retired North Providence music teacher, is the artist in residence for Notable Works, which has a mission to raise awareness for environmental and social concerns through the arts.

Featured in this new book is Inglesi’s work entitled “The Earth Is in Our Care,” which is also showcased in a video song presentation created by Notable Works and Audubon Society of Rhode Island and found on YouTube. The song is a tribute to the Woonasquatucket River Watershed Council, and is produced by Maria Bilyeu.

Also included in the book are 13 poems from students at The Greene School of West Greenwich, part of the generation that is growing up seeing the urgency of dealing with the climate crisis, said Inglesi, who taught during her career at McGuire School, Stephen Olney Elementary, and Whelan Elementary School.

She told The Breeze that she’s very pleased with how the book of poetry came out, particularly with the way contributing poets deal with the deepening climate crisis and the issues of the day, including the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year’s book also features a one-stop guide to numerous environmental and civic groups and information for people to get involved with them. A book of poetry coming out from Notable Works later this year will feature resources related to homelessness and individuals and families in crisis. She said the group really takes pride in taking the time to compile up-to-date and vital resources, and it means a lot to create a community resource.

Inglesi said those behind it are doing everything possible to expand its reach beyond that of others. She said it remains shocking that the narrative around climate remains so polarizing, with so many people taking a hard stance against action and living in denial, saying everyone should be about protecting this planet we live on.

The book, which focuses on resilience, living sustainably, and adapting to a changing climate, was designed and illustrated by Mary Ann Rossoni of Second Story Graphics.

Contributing poets, many from northern Rhode Island, are Inglesi, Sharon Alexander, Aubrey Atwater, Janet Barron, Trent Batson, Elizabeth Bogutt, Tessa Caporelli, Chiara Conlon, Emily Joan Cooper, Shalissa Coutoulakis, Valerie Davis, Nicole DiPaolo, David Dragone, Bobby Ferand, Mary Gutierrez, Alex Kithes, Thomas Lane, Jed Lee, Sarah Lettes, Jan Luby, David Luken, Karina Lutz, Patricia McAlpine, Jim Manchester, Mary Ann Mayer, Chris Menton, Sarah Moon, Nina Quaratella, Bryan Rios, Larry Robinson, Fabian Torres, Mitch Weintraub, Lee Wilder, and Sandra Wyatt.