Scituate officials sworn in; Marcello questions Brady as president

Scituate officials sworn in; Marcello questions Brady as president

SCITUATE – New Town Councilor Michael Marcello, the council’s only Democrat, is questioning whether Republican Council President James Brady should remain in that role while under investigation by the Rhode Island Ethics Commission.

Marcello told The Valley Breeze & Observer he is unsure whether Brady should be elected council president with “a cloud of ethics violations over him.”

The council, after taking the oath of office on Tuesday, Jan. 5, is scheduled to choose its leader on Jan. 14.

The Rhode Island Ethics Commission is investigating Brady for a potential violation over how he previously questioned former Police Chief Donald Delaere over why he was not assigned to a police detail.

Brady declined to comment on Marcello’s statement, which came after Tuesday’s virtual inauguration.

Marcello, who served on the council from 1996 to 1998 and was the sole Democrat on the council from 2000 to 2006, then serving several years as a state representative, said that in his 20 years of public service, Tuesday’s swearing-in ceremony, with no speeches or in-person contact, was the most unique he’s experienced.

Pomp and circumstance were left out as Town Council members, School Committee members and other officials were sworn into office from the socially distant safety of their own homes.

During a virtual meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 5, all council members were present, except for David D’Agostino Sr., who had a prior engagement. The ceremony lasted for around 15 minutes, without speeches from elected officials.

Town Clerk Margaret “Peggy” Long administered the oath of office to council members, including Marcello and Republicans Brady, Tim McCormick, Gary Grande, Abbie Groves, Theresa Yeaw, and David D’Agostino.

Brady, Grande and Groves are returning for a second term on the council, and D’Agostino remains the longest-serving member after 14 years on the council.

Republican Brenda Frederickson decided against running for re-election this year, and Republican Charles Collins lost his re-election bid.

“They will be greatly missed,” Brady said.

Yeaw, former leader of the Republican Town Committee, is joining the council for her first term.

For the first time in Scituate history, the School Committee is now led by a Democratic majority. Incumbent Democrats Carolyn Dias and new member Kevin Pendergast took the pledge on Tuesday to be true and faithful to the state and support the laws and constitution and ordinances of the town of Scituate. Each will serve a four-year term, joining Democrat Coleen Pendergast, wife of Kevin Pendergast, and Republicans Erika McCormick, outgoing chairwoman of the committee, and Mary Manning-Morse.

At Tuesday’s organizational meeting of the School Committee, Carolyn Dias took over the role of chairwoman and Coleen Pendergast was elected clerk.

Long, Board of Assessment Review member Joe DeAngelis, and Town Moderator David D’Agostino were also sworn in for their two-year terms of office during Tuesday’s meeting.


Mr. Marcello, a practicing attorney, should know, understand and support, the bedrock concepts of "innocent until proven guilty" and "due process".

But apparently his Political proclivities take precedent over common sense and decency, as it seems has embraced the upside-down view of the world that is so prevalent in some quarters - make accusations, assume they are true and without defense and move straight to "cancel culture". Sad. Scituate should now have a sense of what they can expect from Mr. Marcello and his ilk over the next term. Good luck.