Fecteau: Diossa would make an excellent lieutenant governor

Fecteau: Diossa would make an excellent lieutenant governor

I can think of no one better than the former mayor of Central Falls James Diossa to be our next lieutenant governor.

As we have recently heard, President-elect Joe Biden has selected Gov. Gina Raimondo to be his next commerce secretary. Raimondo will make Rhode Island proud on the national stage, and we should all be grateful for her service to the great state of Rhode Island. In turn, Lt. Gov. Dan McKee will assume the governorship and will decide who to nominate as his replacement. I hope that his first choice will be Diossa.

I would like first to say Mckee will make a remarkable governor. I am proud to say I worked on his campaign for lieutenant governor. He brought energy and dedication to his campaign and current office. He will bring that same energy at the helm of Rhode Island’s highest office. Congratulations Dan!

Diossa has a track record of accomplishments that proves he would also make an excellent lieutenant governor. He inherited a city – Central Falls -- burdened with high debt, unemployment, and pervasive corruption. He took the helm at a relatively young age and worked to get it back on track. Diossa also worked on substantial improvements to its infrastructure, acquired better sanitation equipment, and even opened a tutoring center. He faced even more challenges with the COVID pandemic, but again, Diossa persevered; this is the type of leader I want to see a heartbeat away from the governorship.

Diossa was one of the most successful and challenged mayors in Rhode Island’s history. This is exactly what Rhode Island needs; someone capable of moving Rhode Island forward. I have known him for years as well and can attest to his character.

If you agree with me and would like to see Diossa as Rhode Island’s next lieutenant governor, please contact the office the current Lt. Gov. Dan Mckee at 401-222-2371.

Matthew Fecteau


Fecteau is a member of the Senate Eight Committee and an Iraq War veteran