Leahy: Cicilline undermines our democracy

Leahy: Cicilline undermines our democracy

So our honorable congressman from Rhode Island, Rep. David Cicilline, has co-authored articles of impeachment against President Donald J. Trump. How proud the Trump haters must be!

Cicilline claims he is concerned about Trump’s incitement of violence, although he never actually specifies what that incitement was. For those of us who actually tuned into a non-censored news network to hear for ourselves what was being said, the worst we could find was a president encouraging a “peaceful and patriotic” march on the Capital.

Cicilline is concerned that such self-defined recklessness “undermines our democracy” and feels it is urgent to impeach a president who is leaving in a mere few days. With cover from the media, he seems confident that such a smokescreen will not be exposed.

What Congressman Cicilline doesn’t want us talking about are those pesky little details and issues that are truly undermining our democracy and inciting such anger and violence. His brand of dishonesty and divisiveness better serve his political side.

Trying times call for strong leaders and Mr. Cicilline is not one of them. We need representatives that fight for election integrity instead of blatantly disregarding it. We need a strong voice to stand up to big tech interference and censorship instead of embracing it, and we need congressional leaders that expose the constant barrage of false media narratives instead of using it for cover.

The more leaders like Cicilline push us away from the freedoms that strengthen our democracy, and toward the ways of Communist China, the more he undermines the very democracy he claims to defend, and the more some will turn to violence to protect what they hold dear.

Bob Leahy