Greenville Library receives transmitter for parking lot events

Greenville Library receives transmitter for parking lot events

SMITHFIELD – Outdoor events at the Greenville Library will get an upgrade thanks to an FM signal transmitter that will send audio to patrons’ car radios.

Rebecca Reddy, technology coordinator and head of circulation, said the transmitter and other equipment, including a shed, LED lighting, folding chairs, a heating lamp and a heavy-duty tent, were supplied to the library through the state’s Take It Outside grant.

Reddy said the library received all of its requests, including the FM transmitter, thanks to the hard work of town officials.

With the transmitter, Reddy said the library plans to hold outdoor events as soon as the weather warms up. Last October, the library hosted a small event in “Sequoia Square,” as Director Dorothy Swain calls the center of the parking lot with the Sequoia tree, where librarians read from a book to spectators in cars using a public address system.

“We all have to adapt and do the best we can do,” Reddy said.

A parking lot expansion at the library offers more spaces than ever, Reddy said, and the library is ready to take full advantage of it.

With traffic from Route 44 rolling by, Reddy said she could tell that much of what was being said at last fall’s event, even though projected, still could not be heard. The FM transmitter will reach 1,000 feet, and should reach all of the parking spaces.

This summer’s reading theme is Tales and Tails, and Reddy said actual programming has not been set yet. The tent will be used for an outdoor book sale on Jan. 23, weather permitting.

Reddy said the heavy-duty pop-up tent can be used during outdoor events as well. She said depending on social distancing guidelines in the spring, spectators may be able to sit outdoors at an appropriate distance from each other in the tent.

Reddy said the Greenville Library is also excited to retire the flimsy disposable greenhouses used to keep free library books through quarantine. The Take It Outside grants helped purchase a plastic shed to house books for library members who do not feel safe to go into the library.