Lincoln shocked by murders, then death of suspect

Lincoln shocked by murders, then death of suspect

LINCOLN – Flowers, cards and notes from loved ones have been strung up on a chain-link fence at 125 Main St. in Manville, where a grisly crime was committed last week.

The suspect in the murder of Kimberly and Mark Dupre, Timothy McQuesten, was confirmed to have killed himself while in state custody this week.

On the morning of Jan. 14, a neighbor in a multi-family home at 125 Main St. found Kimberly Dupre dead inside her apartment, her husband Mark badly beaten and lying nearby. Mark was taken to Rhode Island Hospital and later pronounced dead.

Hours after the crime, Manville resident Timothy McQuesten called 911 and expressed distress about the “murders.” The fact that the couple had been murdered had not yet been made public.

McQuesten, 49, was arrested near the bike path in Manville and taken into custody.

Kimberly Dupre had once looked after McQuesten, but their relationship had splintered over the years. McQuesten allegedly recently asked to see Kimberly, but she declined, according to investigators.

McQuesten was charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the killings of 60-year-old Kimberly and her husband Mark, 65.

Friends and family offered memories of the couple, with Mark’s brother Joe sharing about how the “horrendous murder” has changed both families for life.

Posts on Mark’s social media pages show that he was an avid fisherman.

Molly Rounds, who identified herself as Kim’s sister, is raising money on GoFundMe so that their 84-year-old father can afford to bury Kim and Mark.

In court last Friday, prosecutor Jon Burke said the medical examiner determined the couple’s injuries were consistent with blunt force trauma from an object such as a hammer. A hammer and crowbar covered in blood were recovered from McQuesten’s car, according to police.

McQuesten had been held without bail and ordered to undergo a competency hearing on Jan. 28.

In court, McQuesten said, “I don’t know all of the nuances of what’s going on, I just know I don’t have my anti-psychotic medicine.”

Two days later, on Monday, McQuesten was found dead in state custody, apparently dying by suicide, as first reported by The Breeze on Tuesday.

“Yesterday evening, correctional officers found an inmate unresponsive in his single cell at the Intake Service Center. They immediately began performing CPR while they waited for Cranston Rescue to arrive," said J.R. Ventura, chief of information and public relations officer for the Rhode Island Department of Corrections.

The inmate was transported to Rhode Island Hospital where he was later pronounced dead, said Ventura. The Department of Corrections Investigative Units and the Rhode Island State Police are still investigating the matter, and no foul play is suspected.

Ventura later confirmed that the inmate was McQuesten.

Lincoln Police Capt. Philip Gould said the slayings of Kimberly and Mark Dupre were the first homicides to occur in Lincoln since 2017.