Stalls would add $17,000 to cost of LHS project

Stalls would add $17,000 to cost of LHS project

LINCOLN – The girls’ locker rooms at Lincoln High School will likely have new changing stalls installed after the recently renovated space was left without any.

Members of the architecture team at SMMA responsible for the ongoing LHS redesign said seven individual dressing stalls will need to be added to the girls’ locker room, which will cost $17,000 to complete.

The decision will be put to the LHS Building Committee tonight, Jan. 21.

On Tuesday, members of the Building Committee’s financial subcommittee expressed disappointment that the locker room changes would cut into the project’s dwindling contingency fund.

A base price tag of $10,187 includes two days for a foreman, journeyman and carpenter to install seven changing stalls where there are currently lockers. If the lockers are removed to make way for the stalls, one wall of the room would be left with exposed raw masonry, which would cost more than $6,000 to refinish with a clean, durable surface.

Subcommittee member Michael Babbitt asked how the original locker room was allowed to be designed as “one big room with no privacy to change.”

“I don’t understand in what world we’d set it up so the girls would get dressed all amongst each other,” he said, though representatives from SMMA countered that locker rooms are laid out similarly at other high schools, and that the original design had been approved by the athletic director and physical education staff.

“So this decision to add changing stalls is a $17,000 decision?” asked subcommittee chairman Michael O’Connell rhetorically.

Babbitt agreed, adding, “I think we should have had changing stations in the first place, but now it’s a $17,000 hit. At the end of the day, I don’t think anyone wants a group of girls sitting together trying to get changed. This is one that we’re going to have to pay for, whether we like it or not."