Sen. Whitehouse pressures IRS to target conservatives, again

Sen. Whitehouse pressures IRS to target conservatives, again

In 2012, it was Sheldon Whitehouse who was behind Internal Revenue Service efforts to target the tax exempt status of conservative groups such as the Tea Party, and any group with the word “Patriot” in their name, under the cover of the Obama Administration.

In 2013, the IRS was forced to apologize for what it described as “inappropriate” targeting, and the stifling of many conservative organizations’ ability to raise money prior to the 2012 election.

Fast forward to January, 2021. As the Democrat party takes back control of the executive branch, Mr. Whitehouse appears emboldened to once again weaponize the IRS against conservatives; this time to revoke the tax exempt status of Turning Point USA, a national student group dedicated to promoting free market principles and limited government.

In his official letter to the IRS commissioner, Mr. Whitehouse expressed concern over Turning Point USA holding a large “superspreader” event at their annual conference this past December.

In several emails and phone calls to Sen. Whitehouse’s offices, I asked if the senator will be applying this same new standard of “superspreader” events to liberal 501(c)(3) organizations like ActBlue and Thousand Currents, which provide tax exempt fundraising, and administrative services, for Black Lives Matter. We all recall the “superspreader” events they held in cities across our country during most of 2020.

As you might imagine, I have not received a response from Sen. Whitehouse’s office.

It is a pretty safe bet that under the Biden Administration, Sen. Whitehouse will once again abuse his power and turn the IRS into a political weapon, targeting conservative groups and individuals he disagrees with.

Bob Leahy


Member of the Lincoln Republican Town Committee