Essay’s winner names plow the Greenville General

Essay’s winner names plow the Greenville General

SMITHFIELD – With more than a foot of snow already piling up in February, Greenville residents will soon be seeing more of the Greenville General, which is named by Emma Casazza who won the town’s Snowplow Essay Competition.

Casazza, 11, and three other Smithfield youths submitted an essay for the competition, which asked for a brief explanation of the history of the Smithfield neighborhood where they live.

As the winner, Casazza will name a Greenville snowplow the Greenville General. Casazza said she was inspired by Gen. Nathanael Greene, wanting a rhyming or alliterate name for the truck.

For the essay, Casazza said she brainstormed interesting historic topics about Greenville, researching each.

“I learned a lot I did not know,” Casazza said, adding that she has a big interest in history.

“I like learning about people and other historic things,” she said.

Casazza’s essay featured a brief history of Greenville, discussing theories on how it was named. One possibility was that it was named after Revolutionary War Gen. Nathanael Greene and a second suggests Greenville is named for its green appearance.

“I think it would be cool to have a town named after you,” Casazza wrote in her essay.

The essay also included Native American history about the area, which includes the Wampanoag and Narragansett tribes. In Greenville, Casazza noted that tribes used the rivers and woodlands for hunting and fishing. Casazza said Smithfield was the dream life for Native Americans.

“Plenty of water, plenty of animals to eat, and plenty of wood,” she wrote.

Casazza also spoke about Greenville Public Library founder William Winsor (1819-1904), who grew up and worked on the Winsor Waterman Farm and taught in Smithfield schools. Winsor Elementary School is named after Winsor, who worked at the Smithfield Savings Bank.

Casazza and her mother, Alycia Casazza, said they have seen plow trucks pushing snow through the neighborhood over the past couple of weeks. With snow in the forecast for this weekend and next week, both are excited to see the Greenville General working on their neighborhood.

Members of the snowplow essay judging team, including Town Councilor David Tikoian, Thomas Winfield of the Anderson Winfield Funeral Home, and Jacquelyn Moorehead of The Valley Breeze & Observer, said they enjoyed each essay submitted, extending a thank you to all who participated, including Levi Foster, Zachary Zira and Autumn Orgam.


A sincere “Thank You” to all that submitted an essay on the history of the village in Smithfield they reside. Levi, Zachary, Autumn and Emma each submitted well research essays. We hope it was a fun way to learn about the particular village in Smithfield that you and your family reside. Thank you for participating.