Arnold: Where will all the cars go?

Arnold: Where will all the cars go?

In the Feb. 10-16 article on the riverfront project, something confused me. The article says that the project will have 435 residential units with a 150-space garage. Even if each unit has only one car owner, that leaves 285 cars over to park ... where?

The project will also have commercial, retail, and restaurant space with a 7,500-seat stadium (possibly larger), and a 750-space parking garage. Even if multiple people come in one car to stadium events, that’s still a lot of cars left over. The project borders a residential area (with two elementary schools) with narrow streets. I hope I’m missing something, or driving in that area is going to be a nightmare if people plan to park on the streets.

I appreciate The Valley Breeze’s thorough coverage of local events.

Jane Arnold