Arrests down in Lincoln during pandemic

Arrests down in Lincoln during pandemic

LINCOLN – Last February, Lincoln was still in a state of relative normalcy before COVID-19’s full arrival in Rhode Island. That month, Lincoln public safety responded to 1,801 calls and police made 60 arrests.

The number of arrests made in town began to plummet soon after, as the pandemic shut down business as usual.

Last March, there were 187 incidents reported to police and 23 arrests made. During the same month in 2019, Lincoln police reported 235 incidents and 56 arrests, with 27 of those occurring at local liquor establishments.

The closure of liquor establishments helped to subdue crime in Lincoln, according to officials, particularly the March 15 temporary closure of Twin River Casino, which accounts for a large portion of arrests made each year in Lincoln according to police data.

During April 2020, the first full month of pandemic restrictions, there were seven arrests made in town, while there were 33 made the year prior.

Arrests were up to 24 in May and 23 in June, compared to 40 in both May and June of 2019.

July was the busiest month for crime in Lincoln last year, with 39 arrests made, five fewer than July 2019, and 1,936 calls for service reported.

August brought 24 arrests, with another 30 occurring in September and 25 each the following two months. The town closed out the year with 15 arrests in December, and 20 arrests were made last month. In 2019, police made 43 arrests in August, 34 in September, 39 in October, 35 in November, and 38 that December, so numbers were down substantially across all of those months.

All told, Lincoln police made a total of 255 arrests from March 2020 to January 2021. In 2019, the town had reached that number by August. During the same period the previous year (March 2019 to January 2020), before COVID-19 reached the state, Lincoln police arrested a total of 402 people.

Breaking down the data further, arrests for larceny, robbery and theft are down, but the numbers have fluctuated in other areas.

Comparing, again, the period of March 2020 to January 2021 with the period of March 2019 to January 2020:

• Lincoln police reported 125 larceny arrests in 2020, down from 304 in 2019.

• On the flip side, there was one reported burglary in Lincoln between March 2020 and January 2021, while 12 were reported the year prior.

• Similarly, robberies were down from eight to three, and arrests for disorderly conduct were down from 54 to 19.

• Domestic assaults/offenses resulted in 38 arrests last year, compared to 44 the year prior.

• While there were 29 drug-related arrests in 2019, Lincoln police made six such arrests in 2020. The number of arrests made for driving while intoxicated/operating under the influence was also slashed in half from 23 to 10.

• There were 91 assaults reported in Lincoln over the past year, compared to 84 in 2019. Eighteen people were caught breaking and entering last year, while 23 were arrested for the same offense the previous year.

• The number of arrests for motor vehicle theft also remained relatively the same, with 22 last year and 19 the year before.

• Two homicides occurred last year, compared to one a year earlier There was one more reported sexual assault last year over the previous year.


Myself being sober for over 15 years , I would bet there is a correlation of declining arrests and bars being closed because of Covid ... Speaking from my own long past memories , people say and do the stupidest things when they are under the influence that they would NEVER do if they were sober and clear headed ... :)