Fire officials urge awareness

Fire officials urge awareness

CUMBERLAND – Acting Fire Chief Nick Anderson and Fire Commissioner Paul Santoro used last week’s Burn Awareness Week to highlight the need to be vigilant.

“Burn Awareness Week is an opportunity for fire, health, and medical professionals to review some simple safety steps people can take to prevent burn injuries at home, at work, and outdoors,” they said.

This year’s theme from the American Burn Association is electrical safety from Amps to Zap.

Electrical fires are the second leading cause of fire deaths. Using major appliances safely, charging phones and laptops on hard surfaces, switching to LED lightbulbs, installing outlet covers, and storing batteries safely are all easy steps to take to prevent electrical fires and burns.

Some other tips are as follows:

• Plug major appliances such as space heaters and air conditioners directly into wall outlets.

• Unplug any device powered by lithium-ion batteries (such as a hoverboard) once they are charged.

• Turn heating pads, electric blankets and space heaters off before sleeping.

• Learn how to react to a fire in the microwave oven. Keep the door shut and unplug it if safe to do so.

“We respond to many unnecessary calls due to burn injuries that are preventable,” said Anderson. “Keep hot fluids away from edges of tables where small children can grab the cup or bowl. Make sure you keep a three-foot circle of safety around the stove and keep all pot handles in. These simple practices can keep little ones safe.”