More ornaments ordered for town of Lincoln’s 150th anniversary year

More ornaments ordered for town of Lincoln’s 150th anniversary year

LINCOLN – The town’s first batch of 150th anniversary ornaments sold so well that those who dreamed it up are initiating round two, having another 150 of them made.

Richard DiMase said the ornament committee sold out its 265 initial ornaments “in no time at all.” He said they were expecting good sales, but not quite that good.

“I’m very pleased with what’s going on here,” he said.

The ornaments sold in 2021 will be marketed as mementos of this anniversary year, said DiMase, with he and his group working with the Lincoln Memorial Day Parade Committee on yet-to-be-finalized celebratory events.

“It’s now part of the anniversary for the town,” he said. “Buying them not only for Christmas, but as a memento of the anniversary, that was sort of our intention.”

If this next batch sells out, he said, they’ll probably order another 150 ornaments, and so on.

“We won’t do that until we know that this 150 is gone,” said DiMase, but if they sell well enough, this ornament could still be being sold heading into the 2021 holiday season.

“We’ll continue to produce this one through 2021,” he said.

This year’s ornament, again from ChemArt in Lincoln, features the Lincoln shield and map of the town featuring all of its villages, as well as all major roadways and bodies of water, including rivers and streams.

This round of ornaments, again for $20 apiece, are being sold at Town Hall, 100 Old River Road, and Ted’s Paint & Decorating, 194 Front St. There are also tentative plans for them to be sold at Lincoln Gardens.

Funds raised from the sale of annual Lincoln ornaments goes to various local initiatives, including this year’s anniversary events and celebrations.