CumberlandFest organizers seek input for safe, enjoyable event

CumberlandFest organizers seek input for safe, enjoyable event

CUMBERLAND – In an attempt to “take the temperature” of the community and get a better handle on public sentiment heading toward CumberlandFest 2021, members of the CumberlandFest Steering Committee have created a SurveyMonkey poll to help assess how patrons are feeling regarding large event attendance and to learn of their concerns.

“We anticipated that the pandemic would be completely behind us by mid-summer, but now we are not sure of that, as the situation remains fluid,” said Chairman Jerry Schimmel. “Our survey is designed to help us determine how the community is feeling at this time and how we can make our event enjoyable, while ensuring the safety and comfort of those who attend.”

For 30 years, CumberlandFest has been the town’s most anticipated summer event. Held annually at Diamond Hill Park during Victory Day weekend in August, CumberlandFest includes a carnival midway of rides for all ages, an array of musical acts, food vendors, an arts and crafts fair and other special events.

During the past year, the pandemic has upended “normal life” in many ways including the ability to enjoy many of the public events people had previously taken for granted, said committee members this week.

“In our new world of mask-wearing, hand-sanitizing and social distancing, our ability to come together comfortably has been limited, and COVID-19 has created logistical issues for both event organizers and their patrons,” they said in a release.

Through the survey, the CumberlandFest Steering Committee seeks input from patrons and sponsors that will help in planning efforts. Organizers want to hear the community’s thoughts regarding what features and attractions of CumberlandFest are most enjoyed by the public, what safety concerns might people be thinking of as they make plans this year, and what can be done to enhance the public’s comfort level while providing the best features of the event.

The CumberlandFest survey, which can be completed in less than 10 minutes, can be accessed at the following link: and will be active through April 18.

“We thank our sponsors and patrons for their support,” said Schimmel. “We hope that many will take a few minutes to answer the survey as we continue our planning process.”