Travel through space and time at R1 Indoor Karting

Travel through space and time at R1 Indoor Karting

Sean Dowers leans over to press a button on the wall during a challenge at R1’s TimeZone. (Breeze photos by Nicole Dotzenrod)

LINCOLN – Lincoln’s newest attraction incorporates the best of an escape room experience, without the claustrophobia and dead-end clues.

TimeZone, an immersive gaming experience, opened last month at R1 Indoor Karting, 100 Higginson Ave. in Lincoln.

The creators of TimeZone call it “the ideal mix between escape rooms and The Legends of the Hidden Temple.” Players race against the clock to complete challenges in 25 “portals.”

The Breeze was invited to try out TimeZone last weekend, attending with a small team called The Jedi Masters, organized by this reporter (TimeZone is ideal for groups of two or three, or four maximum.) The game is suitable for company outings, bachelor parties or birthdays, and participants can break off into smaller teams.

The staff at R1 explained how the game works before sending us off into the space/time continuum. Participants are allowed to bring their phone into the game, and R1 offers lockers if visitors would like to store away other belongings.

Players are provided with a key band to access each portal, swiping in and closing the door behind their team to start the timer. Each challenge is under five minutes, and patrons can return to the rooms as many times as they’d like to try and improve their score.

TimeZone is 25 mini escape and adventure rooms wrapped into one experience. One minute a participant is in ancient Egypt, the next catapulting decades into the future. In a two-hour time span, they travel to outer space, under the sea, to the far-off future and to the distant past. Every room is full of detail.

Some challenges are a bit more athletic in nature, requiring teammates to climb over obstacles or across tightropes. Others have more of a classic escape room feel, requiring teammates to solve a short puzzle.

A chart outside of each portal indicates to what degree it will test one’s intelligence, physical condition and hand-eye coordination.

Often, a participant will have that “aha!” moment just as the timer runs out. With plenty of time to come back to each room, they try to improve on their score before moving on to the next challenge.

Ultimately, team Jedi Masters came in first place. At times the excitement of each new challenge overshadowed the competitive edge, and we were pleasantly surprised to see our team at the top of the leaderboard.

Are you up for the challenge?

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The entrance to TimeZone is on the first floor of R1, adjacent to the arcade and indoor go-kart track. Inside, 25 mini escape and adventure rooms await participants.