Village Gas expansion could remove historic building

Village Gas expansion could remove historic building

SCITUATE – Expanding Village Gas will lead to the demolition of an existing historic building at 143 Danielson Pike.

Neighbor Jason Beene, of 152 Danielson Pike, spoke before the Plan Commission last Thursday about a section of North Scituate Village that is on the National Register of Historic Places in Rhode Island, from Institute Lane to the Horseshoe Dam. He said the section of town was added to the national registry to preserve the “historic nature and collective community” in Scituate.

The property at 143 Danielson Pike, circa 1940, is listed on the registry as a one-story, flat-roofed frame store building with a brick facade.

North Scituate Village became a historic district in 1979, with 12 of 110 buildings listed as non-conforming historic. While the gas station was not considered historic, the abutting building at 143 Danielson Pike, which most recently housed a dog groomer and day care center, is considered historic.

“We’re talking about demolishing a conforming site and extending a non-conforming one, just to be clear,” Beene said.

He expressed concerns about the late hours at the gas station, staying open until midnight, the sounds from running the business, and the light glare. He said he appreciates the developer’s effort to put in screening to obscure the glare.

Beene added that Zeshan Abid is a valued business owner in town, and has added to the great character of the community.

Updated plans for the possible expansion of Village Gas at 141 Danielson Pike include the demolition of the abutting building to include two new gas pumps with room for added traffic flow.

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The Plan Commission, which met last Thursday, April 22, did not vote on the master plan for the gas station, instead forwarding the meeting to the May 18 meeting to give developer and Abid time to respond to questions posed by members of the commission and others.

John Dias, of Arco National New England, presented plans to the commission as a friend of Abid.

“The purpose of this project is to improve the onsite flow and logistics of the gas station and convenience store business,” he said.

As many know who have been in the center of North Scituate Village, Village Gas is a popular spot to fill up tanks and is known for its full service and low fuel prices, he said.

Plans are to demolish 143 Danielson Pike, which Abid purchased after buying the gas station in 2018. Abid said he purchased the property in hopes of relieving pressure on Routes 116 and 6, where the gas station is located.

Plans include a new right of way around the rear of the existing convenience store.

Dias said plans to add two pumps where the building is will not need a new in-ground tank, and will tie into the existing tank.

The bulk of the work will be demolishing the old building and site work, Dias said. Once complete, he said, the pumps will go in fairly quickly.

Plan Commission Chairman Jeff Hanson said that the master plan stage is a broader, less technical stage of planning, and more details will be expected at the preliminary stage.

**This story was edited to reflect a correction in the date the historic building was built.