Eric C. Wakely - Woonsocket

Eric C. Wakely - Woonsocket

Eric C. Wakely, 29, of Woonsocket, died Friday, May 28, in Woonsocket. Born in Providence, he was the son of Calvin R. Beatty and Lisa M. Wakely, both of Woonsocket.

Eric worked as a roofer for Trem Co. His love and passion for being the best roofer and getting whatever job he had, done the best way possible, is second to none (some days). Although he didn't always try to, Eric was consistently the life of the party. His smile would brighten up the darkest room, while his positive energy would jolt the saddest soul.

Eric had an extreme love for riding motorcycles and feeling the freedom of two wheels on the black top brings. Eric held the values of honor, courage, and commitment to the highest degree. He displayed his honor on his shield for all to see by the amount of respect he showed for his family and friends. His courage was never outmatched. He would walk through a valley of darkness and stare evil in its eyes if that meant his loved ones didn't have to. His commitment to everything he did is something all should strive for. He was committed to his friends and family and would be there for them at anytime of day and any hour of the night. If you needed him, you could always count on him to be there. Eric is a man's man. He once said he could tell what kind of man you were by the state of your hands ... well if you look at his you would see they are rough, cut, bruised and beaten. That's because he used those very same hands to become the man we all love and cherished today. Die like Vikings, live like kings, rest easy in Valhalla brother ... eet! Yeet!

Besides his parents, he is survived by six siblings, Kyle Mulvey, Taariq Scurry, John Poirier, Ashley and Tiffany Scurry, all of Woonsocket, and Erica Scurry of New Haven, Conn.; and his maternal grandparents, Dan and Alice (Timmerman) Sabourin of Woonsocket. He was preceded in death by his paternal grandfather, McKinley Beatty. He also leaves behind his A.O.A. RI family.

A visitation will be held Monday, June 7, from 4 to 7 p.m., in the Holt Funeral Home, 510 South Main St., Woonsocket, RI 02895.

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