Autiello says more speed bumps in Providence shifting traffic to NP

Autiello says more speed bumps in Providence shifting traffic to NP

NORTH PROVIDENCE – Town Council President Dino Autiello says he believes the proliferation of new speed bumps on streets just over the line in Providence are causing more people to change their driving habits and detour through North Providence.

Autiello hailed Councilor Stefano Famiglietti’s proposal to seek permission from the state to increase traffic fines, saying he’s noticing traffic volumes in some cases doubling in areas such as Gentian or Fruit Hill Avenues at the Providence line.

“I think that’s causing the outcry for speed bumps here,” he told The North Providence Breeze.

He added that he doesn’t like to keep saying no to speed bumps as he continues to hear more complaints than ever before in his 12 years on the council about traffic issues, including six calls to request speed bumps in one day last week.

Not being in law enforcement, he said, he’s open to suggestions on efforts to calm traffic, but there can’t be speed bumps on every street.

“I don’t have the answer, and I’m tired of telling residents we’re trying,” he said. “They deserve answers. It’s just getting worse. I truly believe these permanent speed bumps are really directing traffic into North Providence.”

Famiglietti, updating the rest of the council last week on an earlier ordinance subcommittee meeting, sought and received approval for two “marked speed bump lines” on Woodward Road and another two on Birchwood Drive, as well as recording flashing signs. Those lines are meant to give the illusion of a speed bump.

Famiglietti also said he plans to bring up a resolution at the next meeting asking the General Assembly to allow enhanced fees for speeding offenses in residential areas.


As a 30+ year resident of the town, I can assure everyone that the speeding problems have not increased due to Providence attempting to address their LT issues with speeding. In my view, police are not able to police this problem. The town needs to move into the 21st century and enact bumps, speed cameras, no excuse ticketing, and other modern technologies. It aint working so far, now is it? Lets try something new. Oh and trying to 'fake' people into thinking marks on the road are speed bumps sounds completely ridiculous to me.

Providence has gone out of control with the speedbumps because they don't have the police presence to monitor the streets - not that they ever did a great job to begin with. I doubt very much that speed bumps would stop people from speeding, especially when they get worn down or destroyed by plows. The solution to the problem isn't more speedbumps. Wait until you see how useless they are. The solution is accountability for law enforcement to give out tickets. If you know you are going to get a ticket if you speed, then you are more likely to slow down than passive accountability through speedbumps. Its just a band-aid and to be honest and the next set of complaints will be people complaining about the noise from cars and trucks (scrap trucks, town trucks, tow trucks, emergency vehicles and anyone with poor suspension or lowered vehicles). I trust our Mayor and town officials will get this right and it doesn't need to be speedbumps. We don't live in the woods, the pasture or a rural area; we must endure the behaviors of a busy town, because that is where we live.