Ann & Hope plan expected within weeks

Ann & Hope plan expected within weeks

The Ann & Hope mill in Cumberland sits mostly empty as plans are formulated for its redevelopment.

CUMBERLAND – A modified plan for the all-important redevelopment of the Ann & Hope Mill off Broad Street is expected to be submitted to the town within weeks.

Representatives for the town and developer confirmed this week that a class one survey of the property is being completed now, a step that takes place prior to the master plan, zone change, and comprehensive plan amendment process.

Nick Goodier, attorney representing would-be buyer Premier Development, confirmed that the property is under contract, with the sale contingent on the approval process playing out. He said the plan has changed slightly from what the Chase family was planning to do with their mill, but the basic components of it are still the same.

“Their vision is a little bit different,” he said. The changes are “very minimal,” he said, and more to do with the fact that a transfer of ownership is now planned to take place.

Officials previously said that the mill will be mostly residential units with some commercial uses mixed in, including a restaurant or brew pub in the property’s brick boiler house.

Goodier said the developer just received adjusted architectural work back and is now waiting on the survey. The final submission to the town will be “quite a package,” he said, going first to the Planning Board and then the Town Council for approval.

Goodier said Premier Development is doing other projects with similar scope to this one. Premier Development is marketing the Wanskuck Mills project in an old textile mill on Branch Avenue in Providence as an upscale complex with a combination of micro, one- to two-bedroom, and one- to two-bathroom units. The gated complex includes a bike shop, café, fitness center, jewelry store and a variety of other retail and commercial spaces.

Another example of a successful completed project from the company, differing from a mill rehab, is 229 Waterman St. in Wayland Square on the East Side of Providence, newly constructed luxury apartments with a rooftop restaurant.