Birthday Club

Birthday Club

June 5

George G. Mathieu Jr., Happy 70th Birthday to our amazing Dad and Papa! This year, the Giants will take it all the way! Love, Taylor, Jenn, Clara and Elyse

Happy 100th Birthday in heaven, Dr. Bernard V. Ward! From, Kathy and her Ward siblings

June 10

Allison Grieve - How exciting! Happy 18th Birthday, and best of luck at UConn! Love, Aunt Nell and Uncle Tony

June 12

Kara Lukasiewicz - Happy Birthday, to DIY Kara! There's nothing you can't do! We love you very much, Mom and Dad

June 16

Lucille Lavallee, Happy 93rd Birthday to our beautiful mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, great-grandmother and aunt. We love you!

June 21

Happy 90th Birthday, Henry Tarlian! From June and Bob

June 25

Happy Birthday, Judy Cunningham! From Marc and George

June 29

Happy Birthday my love, from your Kitchen Angel