Blackstone-Millville Regional High School Class of 2021 graduates

Blackstone-Millville Regional High School Class of 2021 graduates

Blackstone-Millville Regional High School 2021 Class President Kiara Spooner receives her diploma from Jason DeFalco, education department superintendent. (Breeze photos by Charles Lawrence)

Quentin Constantino Agrela

Kathryn D. Anderson, High Honors

Rachel Gibson Anderson, Honors, Tri-M

Joseph Edmund Archambault

Emily Sarah Bak, Honors

Mazie L. Barr

Roger Belanger III, Honors

Jarod Bentley, Honors

Stanley Bis IV

Lauren Elizabeth Brite, NHS, High Honors

Jessica Lynn Brodeur, NHS, High Honors

Anthony Cardile

Genesis Cardoso

Joshua M. Connolly, Honors

Logan M. Cook

Maranda Cournoyer, Honors

Brooke DeCosta, High Honors

Arianna L, Delicata, Honors

Kayla Delicata

Aidan James Desrosiers

Brianna Lee Drew

Sera Jahnae Dubois, NHS, High Honors

Riley VanDeman Elliott

Anthony Estes, Honors

Charlese V. Ethier, Honors

Hayley Marie Ethier, High Honors

Nicholas Fortier

Ian Michael Foster

Samuel P. Foster, High Honors

Zachary J. Gariepy

Ellie Corinne Gervais, High Honors

Kole A Glaister

Jeremy Rene Connor Goulet, Honors

Sophia J Guertin, NHS, High Honors,Student Council, Tri-M

Katarina M. Guzinski

Mason Gray Handfield

Lukas Yorgos Hatjopoulos

Natalie Marie Hawkins, NHS, High Honors, Tri-M

Nicolas Haynes, Honors

Zachary A. Henry, Honors

Emma B House, Honors, Student Council

Henry Joseph Hribar, IV, Honors, Student Council

Olivia Christina Jacques, High Honors

Joshua D. Johnson, Honors

Lauren Claire Juba, NHS, High Honors, Student Council

Juleus Cayne Waker Koenig, High Honors

Tyler Paul L'Etalien, Honors, Student Council

Cameron P. Lahue, Honors

Ethan J. Larkin

Hunter Lavoie, Honors

Aiden Long

Walker A. Lukasiewicz, High Honors

Antonia Marie Marino, NHS, High Honors, Student Council

Evan D. Markle, High Honors

Gabriele X. Martinelli, NHS, High Honors, Tri-M

Jessica Lynn Marvelle, Honors

Sera Virginia Mazzone

Taylor Mazzuchelli, NHS, High Honors

Noah D. McCarthy

Shaylah R. McCarthy, NHS, High Honors

Nolan James McMann

Paige Olivia Morin, Honors

Rachel M. Morrisson, NHS, High Honors, Tri-M

Alfredo J. Ortiz, Honors

Brent Patterson

David Perry, High Honors

Alexandra Gail Piette, Honors

David Poirier Jr., Honors

Connor William Purinton

Jacob Purinton, NHS, High Honors

Benjamin Wilson Putnam, High Honors

Haley Elizabeth Riendeau

Cash Roy

Jack Nicholas Ryan, Honors

Makayla M Ryan, NHS, Honors

Sebastian Thomas Ryan

Sarah Elizabeth Scott, NHS, High Honors, Student Council, Tri M

Kyle C. Scully

Mohsin Shah, High Honors, Student Council

Cody J Shuras

Kiara Josette Spooner, NHS, Honors

Zofia Rose St. Gelais, NHS, High Honors, Tri-M

Paige L St.Laurent, Honors

Madison Leigh Sullivan, NHS, High Honors, Tri-M

Divya Mariya Tenny

Gabriella M. Torricelli, Honors

Jacob Truscott, Honors

London Truscott, High Honors

Berthe L. Umumbu, Honors

Jaime J. Valdes Nicol, NHS,High Honors

Julia Anastasia Vinacco, Honors, Student Council

Nicholas A. Vinacco

Kailey E Wadsworth

Ryan Francis Werning, NHS, High Honors, Tri-M

Branden Zuidema

Class Salutatorian Gabriele Martinelli, a member of the National Honor Society, urges her classmates to explore the world while she addresses the crowd during commencement ceremonies.