BMR names scholarship winners

BMR names scholarship winners

Graduates, their family and friends attend graduation ceremonies at Blackstone-Millville Regional High School last Friday night. (Breeze photos by Charles Lawrence)

BLACKSTONE – Blackstone-Millville Regional High School has announced the following scholarship winners.

• "Charger Strong” Maintenance Scholarship, $200: Paige St. Laurent

• BMR High School Staff Scholarship, $250: David Perry

• Fred Tiberio Memorial Scholarship, $250: Sebastian Ryan and Madison Sullivan

• BMR Chapter National Honor Society Scholarship, $250: Gabriele Martinelli

• Milford Special Olympics Scholarship, $250: Emma House

• Joseph Struzik Memorial Award, $300: Jessica Brodeur and Mohsin Shah

• Blackstone Police Union Scholarship, $500: Madison Sullivan

• Blackstone Ambulance Association Scholarship, $500: Jessica Brodeur

• Blackstone Lions Club Scholarship, $500: Sophia Guertin

• Cory Edward Gaudet Memorial Scholarship, $500: Jeremy Goulet

• BMR Superintendent Scholarship, $500: Natalie Hawkins

• BMR Educators Association Scholarship, $500: Emma House and Lauren Juba

• BMR School Committee Scholarship, $500: Julia Vinacco and Nicholas Vinacco

• BMR High School Administrators Scholarship, $500: Lauren Brite, Sera Dubois, Sophia Guertin, Antonia Marino, and Jaime Valdes Nicol

• Janice Whittemore Memorial Scholarship, $550: Juleus Koenig

• Sue Bourassa Memorial Scholarship, $1,000: Brooke DeCosta, Riley Elliott, and Joshua Johnson

• Dean Bank Scholarship, $1,000: Sarah Scott • Bill Dobeck Memorial Award Scholarship, $1,000: Gabriele Martinelli

• James Anagnostos Memorial Scholarship, $2,000: Lauren Juba

• Andrew S. Kelly Memorial Scholarship, $2,000: Mohsin Shah

• UniBank for Savings Scholarship, $2,000: Natalie Hawkins

Kole Glaister is lifted in celebration by his father Jason Glaister as 2021 graduation ceremonies concluded. The graduates milled around with family and friends afterward.