Cumberland Farms, Arby’s proposed for Route 116 in Lincoln

Cumberland Farms, Arby’s proposed for Route 116 in Lincoln

A developer has plans to build a Cumberland Farms and Arby’s on vacant land along George Washington Highway. The last of three homes there, pictured above, was razed in 2018 to make way for future development. (Breeze photo by Nicole Dotzenrod)

LINCOLN – A developer is hoping to build a Cumberland Farms gas station and convenience store, along with an Arby’s restaurant and drive-thru on George Washington Highway/Route 116.

The new commercial additions would be built at the intersection of George Washington Highway and Blackstone Valley Place, located in front of the National Grid property.

Three residences once stood on the now-vacant land; abandoned by their owners and razed one-by-one over the years. The last of the homes, a single-story white Cape, was torn down in Dec. 2018 to make way for the development.

The final demolition was long in the making. Kirkbrae Development Corp. purchased the properties to the east and west of the Cape in Dec. 2005, with the intention of eventually leveling all three homes to build office space. The zoning was changed from residential to business limited in 2006.

While the first two houses were quickly demolished, Claire “CJ” Gloria decided to remain in her home, Kirkbrae Development owner Greg Richard told The Breeze in 2018. The developers remained patient, and the home stood untouched until Gloria’s death in May of 2018.

Born in Lincoln, Gloria was the only child of Laure and Rena (Descoteaux) Chicoine, of Manville. According to her obituary, she left no immediate survivors.

The property on George Washington Highway had only ever belonged to her family, with the only other owner on record being her late mother, who purchased the property in 1947 and oversaw the construction of the four-room home in 1951.

On Tuesday, the Lincoln Planning Board’s Technical Review Committee discussed the next chapter for the property, reviewing an application by Kirkbrae Development Corp. for the Cumberland Farms and Arby’s.

Representatives for the applicant said they’re hoping to build a gas station, convenience store and quick-service food restaurant with a drive-thru at the corner of Route 116 and Blackstone Valley Place.

While the plans are early in the development stages, Town Planner Al Ranaldi said the town has been working with the developer to iron out any concerns with their plans.

A traffic study has not yet been finalized; however, TRC members said they’d like more information on how the proposed development might impact the flow of traffic in the area. The Rhode Island Department of Transportation is requiring only one curb-cut entrance into the property, while TRC members were hoping for two.

Town Engineer Leslie Quish said a right-turn lane from Blackstone Valley Place onto Route 116 might help with the flow of traffic, especially when school and local offices let out mid-day.

The application has been set for a public hearing in July, when residents and abutters can weigh-in on the plans.


This is not a good location for either of these stores. The other side of Rt. 146 is more appropriate. I would prefer to see Arby’s where Wendy’s used to be located, across from the mall. As for Cumberland Farms, we really don’t need one in that area.

It doesn’t sound like this area is zoned commercial, so this should not be approved.

Who wants to bet that this gets approved, any takers???????

what a shame what a shame what a shame

Welcome to the city of Lincoln

As in ALL towns in this SAD State of Rhode Island ! You are SO right ! Town Government will do as they wish ! NONE of the Town or City Government's will have ANYTHING to do with the INPUT of the VOTERS !