A year later, Tanguay family provides update on Kim

A year later, Tanguay family provides update on Kim

Kim Tanguay, shown here working out, has made a recovery from severe injuries she sustained in a motorcycle crash last year.

LINCOLN – It was the call no parent ever wants to get, says Gloria Tanguay, recalling how she heard the long list of injuries her daughter Kim had sustained in a motorcycle crash in Woonsocket on June 7, 2020. Those injuries, she said, seemed insurmountable.

A little more than a year later, Gloria and Mike Tanguay, of Lincoln, are celebrating Kim’s comeback, providing an update on how she’s recovered from the crash that claimed the life of her friend, John Blain.

For a while, said Gloria, it seemed like Kim might never recover from breaks to nearly all of her ribs, a shattered left thigh and left elbow, fractured pelvis, broken right ankle, and broken bones in the top of her left foot.

“We really didn’t know for a while if she would ever walk again,” she said. Thankfully, she said, there were no neck or spinal injuries, thanks to the helmet that John went home to get for her, which probably saved her life.

Responding to the many inquiries the family has gotten about Kim’s condition, her mom said that miracles do happen in life. After two days of surgeries, nine days in the hospital and three weeks in rehabilitation, along with seemingly endless physical therapy, Kim has defied the odds.

“We do call her Kim-possible,” she said. “In less than 3 months, she was up and walking on crutches and she has kept defying all odds every step of the way.”

After being released from rehab a few months ago, and though it didn’t seem like a good idea to her parents at the time, Kim went back to the kickboxing workout she loved before the accident. Gloria said it helped her get back in shape and feel strong again.

“We can’t tell you how grateful we are for all the support from our local ‘village’ during this past year,” she said. “To all our family, friends and local businesses that have supported us during this time, thank you. Our prayers were answered.”

Kim will celebrate her 29th birthday this Sunday, June 20, and she is very happy to not be celebrating it in rehab like she did last year, said her mom.

Editor’s note: Gloria Tanguay works as a sales representative for The Valley Breeze.