Pawtucket announces art grant recipients

Pawtucket announces art grant recipients

PAWTUCKET – The city of Pawtucket and Mayor Donald Grebien have announced the recipients of the Arts Panel Grant Program’s awards helping nonprofit art organizations assisting with expenses and to bring free artistic and musical programming, exhibitions, and workshops to the community in September during the Pawtucket Arts Festival.

The Pawtucket Arts Panel Grant Program makes grant funds available to local artists and nonprofit organizations that are dedicated to community enrichment. The grants help ensure that artistic experiences are made available to a diverse range of Pawtucket residents and visitors.

“We all know how important the arts are to our community,” said Grebien. “By assisting our arts organizations and artists, we bring quality artistic programming here, which, in turn, impacts our community in a positive way by creating jobs and increasing business. Over the years, Pawtucket’s arts community has become a powerful economic engine to support the city’s economy by filling its mills and bringing people into arts studios, galleries, theater, music venues and restaurants.”

“Pawtucket works hard to support its art community, and one of the most visible ways is through this art grant funding program,” said Pawtucket Advisory Commission of Arts and Culture chairwoman Miriam Plitt. “The nine members of the City’s Arts Commission work hard to promote artistic talent and facilitating and coordinating artistic activities throughout the city.”

Eleven artist and art groups received the Arts Panel Program grant to fund the offering of artistic and musical performances for the upcoming Pawtucket Arts Festival in September. Many of these events, which are low or no cost to attendees, include elements of the city’s diverse population. Grants up to a $1,000 were awarded by the APP for this purpose.

The 11 recipients include:

• Aurea Ensemble

• Empowerment Factory

• Charles “Chachi” Carvalho for Culture Shock Virtual 2021

• Festival Ballet Providence

• Pawtucket Film Festival

• Downtown Live

• Pawtucket Foundation for a downtown arts exhibit

• Robert East for a photo exhibit

• Shri Service Corps for a mural

• Julianna Sabo de Figueroa for a flute recital

• Mary Lee Partington for folk music

Pawtucket art organizations also received grant funding from the city’s Arts Organization Grants program that can be used to pay for operating expenses including, rent, utilities, and staffing. Their programming brings patrons into the city to create a vibrant cultural environment. Grants up to $ 4,000 were awarded by the AOG program for artistic groups.

The nine recipients include:

• Mixed Magic Theatre

• Burbage Theatre Company

• Community Players

• Empowerment Factory

• Pawtucket Arts Collaborative

• Rhode Island Watercolor Society

• Art League of R.I.

• Art Connection

• Shri Service Corps

The mission of the Public Arts and Culture Commission and Public Art Committee is to reflect the city’s identity, improve the quality of life for residents and visitors, stimulate city pride, attract economic development, and to engage artists and the community in the life of the city by acquiring and maintaining high-quality public art that is funded partially or fully with public money and/or located on public property.