Pawtucket’s Facenda writes new children’s book

Pawtucket’s Facenda writes new children’s book

PAWTUCKET – Gaetano Facenda, a retired English as a Second Language teacher and a Pawtucket resident, has published a new children’s book on Amazon called “Gregory Frog and Leopold.”

The fictional story is about a frog who meets a boy named Leopold at a hospital. Leopold is afflicted with leukemia. The little frog, who was kidnapped and brought into the hospital before escaping from his captor, feels sorry that the boy is sick and decides to help him get well through encouragement, positive thinking, and imagination. Gregory Frog aids Leopold through his healing process, pushing his cancer into remission.

“I wrote this book with the intention of helping people,” said Facenda. “It is inspiring, uplifting, and gives hope to any child or adult suffering from a terrible illness.

He said he is in the process of reaching out to Hasbro Children’s Hospital to donate some copies for their patients.

The idea for the self-published book was in response to the poor health of one of his students. Facenda said he wished to help him and any other child suffering from a terrible illness.

Gregory again and again emphasizes the power of people’s minds to overcome and defeat any illness or adversity.