Mutter changes approach to HR position as another director leaves

Mutter changes approach to HR position as another director leaves

CUMBERLAND – After seeing a fourth Human Resources director leave since 2019, Mayor Jeff Mutter says he’s rethinking his approach to filling the position, saying he’s trying to figure out some of the challenges leading to the high turnover rate.

Lisa Tarantino, appointed to the position in March, is the latest person to leave the job, doing so without notice. Christina Boyan served in the position starting in February, and before her, Tina Fogell served as HR director starting in 2019 after Kathleen Taraian left.

Mutter said he’s not actively pursuing a new hire from outside the town employment ranks this time around, saying he prefers to promote from within.

He said there’s a lot to think about and analyze about the position, including perhaps changing the job description to move some duties to other members of the staff. Changes to the salary might also be part of the equation, he said. The salary was budgeted at $85,000 last year.

“I’ve been spending a lot of time on that, sort of immersed in that job, figuring out what might be some of the challenges,” he said.

Before the town hires and loses someone else, Mutter said, he wants to get a “better handle on the whole show,” moving slowly through the process.


Kathleen Taiaian was Cumberland's HR director for many years. She's not the only town employee to leave in the past couple of years. It seems that the work environment at town hall may be the issue, not money. For $85,000, Cumberland should be able to hire a qualified HR professional. This is not a job for an unqualified clerical employee looking for a boost in pay.

the salary ordinance has the human resources salary capped at 77,879 for 2021.

2019 was 61,002.

The 85,000 must include support staff of some kind.