Birthday Club

Birthday Club

Aug. 3

Happy Birthday, Nancy O’Halloran! From all your friends at The Valley Breeze

Aug. 7

Ann M. Kissik, Happy Birthday to a wonderful and happy wife! Love, Mr. Lucky

Ann Kissik, happiest of birthdays to the best ever!!! Love, Laurie, Arthur, Hailey and Grace

Ann Kissik, Happy Birthday Mom/Grandma! Love, Karen, Rick, Jared, Evan and Molly

Ann Kissik, no trading this Benny! Happy B-Day! Love, BJ

Ann Kissik, Happy Birthday Aunt Ann! Love, Kelly

Ann Kissik, Happy Birthday from Evan, specifically!

Ann Kissik, Happy Birthday, Grandma! Love, Jared

Aug. 8

Emily Grieve, Happy 13th Birthday! Welcome to the teenage years! Love, Dad, Mom, Rach and Allison

Aug. 9

Happy Birthday with love to Gerry Duhamel! From Kathy Jarry XOXO

Aug. 12

Happy Birthday, Cole and Robyn Roman! Love, Papi, Christine, Emmett, Pepe and Bear

Aug. 19

Janette, Happy Birthday on this “extra special” birthday! From, JM

Cindy Hersom, Happy Birthday from all your friends at The Valley Breeze!

Aug. 26

Owen Chambers, Happy 5th Birthday! From, Lori and Hey Dave, Hey Dave

Aug. 27

Landon Forest, Happy 17th Birthday! Love, Mema and Poppi

Aug. 28

Molly Menard, Happy 4th Birthday, Molly! Love you! Pepere and Memere XOXO