New Lippitt Estates resident takes initiative, builds sign

New Lippitt Estates resident takes initiative, builds sign

Sam Sheets with the new Lippitt Estates sign he made at the corner of Angell and Leigh roads. (Breeze photo by Ethan Shorey)

CUMBERLAND – It’s easy to see an issue and complain about it, but it takes a far greater personal investment to find its solution and run with it.

Sam Sheets is the classic example of someone who decided, even on a small scale, to be the change he wanted to see in the world.

After moving with his wife, Cori, to a home they’d purchased in Cumberland’s Lippitt Estates last November, they quickly grew to love the quiet neighborhood between Angell Road and Little Pond County Road, meeting wonderful new people and shopping often up the road at Dave’s Market or Pop’s Liquors.

Upon moving to the area in January, Sam noticed that the Lippitt Estates sign that welcomes people to the neighborhood where Leigh Road trails off Angell Road had fallen into disrepair, not at all reflecting the quality of the neighborhood and the people he and his wife were meeting daily.

“I asked around on Facebook to see whether people would be interested in having a new sign, and emailed the town to see if anyone would be opposed to me making one,” he said.

Sam, who enjoys woodworking on the side, creating some pieces for loved ones, gathered pine and oak and got to work assembling a new sign. Not wanting to make any enemies or reinvent the wheel as the new guy, he designed it to look as much like the previous one as possible, including its unique shape, using a router to carve out the letters.

Sheets, who is originally from Lakeland, Fla., but whose wife is from here, joked that construction took “longer than it should have” thanks to graduate school and other responsibilities. Now complete, the response to the new sign has been incredibly positive, he said.

“Everyone was so supportive and he worked on it for months,” said his mother-in-law, Susan Therien. “The result is a beautiful new sign. An example of taking pride in their new home and community.”

After having a “COVID wedding” with almost no one there last year, Sam and Cori and their friends and family had a true celebration of their nuptials this past weekend.

The new sign now functions as the banner photo for the Lippitt Estates Facebook page, where neighbors said the finished product from Sheets far exceeded their expectations, particularly with new solar lights added.

Sheets says he was happy to contribute his time and resources to making his community just a little bit better place.

-Nicole Dotzenrod contributed to this story.