Elementary projects near end; costs added

Elementary projects near end; costs added

SMITHFIELD – The Town Council approved more than $400,000 in change-orders for the town’s elementary school projects last week as contractors make a final push to complete the job before the start of the school year.

Derek Osterman, of Colliers International, said the project’s contingency fund is still in good shape despite the addition of a maximum $405,267 in contingency items after $510,307 in contingencies mid-month.

With both accounted for, the remaining balance of the contingency funds is more than $500,000 for the remainder of the project, which is anticipated for completion Aug. 15.

Osterman said as construction nears its end, contingency projects are necessary for work to be completed based on the scope of the project. He said it is an exciting time for Smithfield as teams prepare to complete the project.

“It’s a very healthy project and contingency as we come to the close,” he said.

Osterman added that none of the pricing on the presented contingency items are negotiated or finalized, and the town stands a chance to see more savings than presented.

“These are all ‘not to exceed,’” he said.

Ed Cifune, of DBVW architects, went over 12 contingency items deemed necessary for the safety of the schools.

At LaPerche Elementary School

• Additional masonry pads to stop water leakage into classrooms, not to exceed $86,743 ($75,000 already approved for work, and addition to reflect total scope of $161,743);

• Heating unit in the principal’s office, not to exceed $15,553;

• Remove original wall-mounted tables at the cafeteria, for $3,964;

• Fix drainage issue in front of the school, not more than $27,071.

At Old County Road Elementary School

• Remove unsupported masonry above stair doorways and replace with fireproof door frames, at $6,500;

• Install smoke perimeter where ceilings meet heat pipes on the second floor, and close gaps to prevent dust and debris from coming down, for $40,000;

• Additional drip board in bathrooms to accommodate plumbing, at $9,893;

• Fix classroom light wiring, including removing original cloth wrap wiring from 1955, for $53,563;

• Restore concrete slab at toilet core, $30,000;

• Replace under-slab conduits and wiring and patching up concrete work in bathroom, $42,000.

At McCabe Elementary School

• Replace undersized piping tied into the bathroom, including cut more slab, $15,000;

• Tie in a new code-compliant piping line in the bathroom, $15,000;

At the July 19 School Committee meeting, Supt. Judy Paolucci said construction is in its most intense phase, and as anticipated, a few problems were found during construction. Some changes are needed for fire code, such as closing gaps in classroom door frames to the ceiling for fire and smoke prevention.

“Everything happening so far is very normal. We are within the budget,” Paolucci said.

Of the Aug. 14 deadline, she said chances are good that the goal will not be met.

“However, we are working diligently to ensure we will have enough time to complete the project to substantial completion before the start of school on Sept. 9,” she said.

She said after completion for school to begin in the fall, she anticipates a punch list of items to finish while students are in the building. The focus is getting as much done before students return, she said.