Glocester residents want to stop driveway panty dropper

Glocester residents want to stop driveway panty dropper

Larry Pesce of Glocester set up cameras at the end of his driveway after growing weary of an unknown individual dropping underwear and bras at the end of his driveway. He caught someone in the vehicle pictured here dropping a sports bra onto his driveway, but could not make out the plates.

GLOCESTER – Glocester Police Chief Joseph DelPrete said the department is aware of the situation on Sawmill Road where an unknown individual is leaving underwear at the end of driveways.

More recent incidents were first reported by a Glocester resident on the Glocester Facebook page on July 23. She said there was a woman driving up and down Sawmill Road leaving underwear at the end of driveways. In a post directed to the offender, the resident questioned the person’s motives and asked them to “knock it off.” She said plastic gloves are not cheap, and she would appreciate being reimbursed for the amount she is going through to clean up “your grossness.”

“Why are you doing this? You do realize that it’s gross and not funny, right? It makes you look like an unclean, dirty, gross individual,” she said in her post.

She said she would put in a camera system to catch the person in the act.

The post received more than 140 comments, some residents reporting similar incidents at their homes.

Police say they haven’t received any official complaints about the undies.

Jennifer Allen said two bras and three pairs of panties were found at her home, while Larry Pesce said it happened at his home four times. Pesce caught a glimpse of the vehicle being driven by the person dropping the garments on a camera set up to catch the culprit, but could not make out the license plate.

“I’m convinced that the underwear bandit is not a female,” Pesce said.

Pesce posted about the incident in the spring, including a picture of the vehicle with a person dropping women’s underwear out of the window.

Trish DiRaimo said she saw underwear on Snake Hill Road and was also wondering why it was happening.

Some comments poked fun at the situation.

“Hmmm, any socks? Can always use more socks, am I right?” joked Scotty Tancrede.

“Any skids?” asked Judie Pytel Silver.

Andrya Saran and others said they find the behavior disheartening.

Sue LaRose reported underwear on Limerock Road near Davies on Aug. 23. “Our perv widening his territory,” she said.

DelPrete said anyone with information can call the Glocester Police Department at 401-568-2533.