Breeze Blogs

Ethan Shorey

I asked local residents for some of their favorite memories of McCoy Stadium. Here are some of their answers. Ann Maddix "Sleeping over at McCoy Stadium for the Cub Scout Sleepover, seeing all the camping tents on the green, watching a baseball movie. My husband has taken my boys every year." John... more

Melanie Thibeault

I was never taught about zoning ordinances in college. I never took a class on how to read a town operating budget, and RFP was not part of my vocabulary. If you asked me anything involving numbers or started talking about taxes, I would have just stared at you. I'm not saying I didn't receive a... more

Marcia Green

To everyone in Council District 3, the Monastery Heights area of town: Jeff Kearns, the council member you voted out of office Tuesday, did not "vote to develop the Monastery," despite the claim of an 11th-hour campaign piece that arrived in your mailboxes Tuesday from Jim Scullin. Last-minute... more

Sandy Seoane

Jim Hummel took a look at some recent City Hall spending in his Oct. 2 report revealing that Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt's son and members of his baseball league were the only workers in a Woonsocket "summer jobs" program. According to documents obtained by Hummel, the workers - 10 boys between the... more