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Arcaro allowed to run under 'Sick of Scandals' party

There's been a good deal of discussion about whether John Arcaro can run against Mayor Don Grebien in Pawtucket under the "Sick of Scandals" party he listed on his declaration form.

Gonzalo Cuervo, chief of staff in Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea's office, initially told me Thursday that Arcaro, who previously ran as a Democrat for state representative, would be listed as an independent on the ballot, as the state only recognizes Democrats, Republicans and Moderates. But Cuervo reversed that position a short time later, saying an independent "can, in fact, have their movement listed next to their name."

Cuervo cites Title 17 on elections, specifically ballot arrangement for independent candidates. It reads as follows:

"In all state elections at which candidates for public office are to be elected, some of whom are candidates of a political party and some of whom are independent candidates as defined in § 17-1-2(4), all independent candidates for the same public office shall be listed on the ballot, in the vertical column below the title of the office they seek, following the listing of the political party candidates for the office and in an order chosen by lottery; provided, that any independent candidate shall be entitled to have appear on the ballot, in small print to the right his or her name, the name of any political principle, movement, or organization with which the candidate wishes to be identified. The name of the political principle, movement, or organization must be identified on the declaration of candidacy, must contain not more than three words, and must not include, in whole or in part, the name of any political party. If any declaration of candidacy does not contain the name of any political principle, movement, or organization, the word "independent" will appear in small print to the right the name of the candidate on the ballot. Except as provided in this section, the powers and duties of the secretary of state with respect to the preparation of the ballots shall not be affected."


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