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Baseball isn't dying

Opponents of a plan to have the city of Pawtucket and state of Rhode Island help subsidize a new stadium for the Pawtucket Red Sox love to throw around broad pronouncements about baseball dying and no one going to games anymore.

"But the stadium is never filled...even on the nights where we have fireworks," said one opponent on social media.

Whether you're for or against the stadium getting money from taxpayers, honesty is still important in this debate.

The fact is that the PawSox just had their second three-game stretch of sellouts this season. That's 31,639 fans passing through the gates Aug. 11-13. The team had another three-game sellout streak July 1-3 (the big fireworks nights), and now has 10 sellouts on the season.

Even if attendance went down by half, I'd ventured to guess that McCoy Stadium would still be in the top five for entertainment venues in the state.


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