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The Breeze wins

I think sometimes I'm so engrossed in the day-to-day work of finding stories and writing them that I fail to truly appreciate the final product. Though I hear often from people who love The Breeze papers, I'm not always sure if they're being 100 percent honest in their praise.

That's why it's nice sometimes to hear from peers in the industry that they think we're doing a good job. This week we learned that we have eight wins in the upcoming Rhode Island Press Association editorial awards. That's in addition to the announced induction of Editor Marcia Green into the Rhode Island Press Association Hall of Fame.

At a banquet on April 28, our staff will celebrate as Marcia is honored and eight awards are given to us. We'll win honors for our 2016 coverage in categories including elections, news, investigative, features, unexpected stories, page design and health care.

Our commitment, whether we win awards or not, will always be to bring you the best stories possible and share the news that matters to you. Thank you for inspiring us and always encouraging us to be better.


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