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Crawley not quite decided on mayoral run

Independent Kevin Crawley is asking Pawtucket residents to help him decide whether he should actually challenge Mayor Donald Grebien in the 2016 election, proving once again that filling out a declaration of candidacy form does not mean that someone is definitely going to run.

"I need your help. I have to make a final decision whether to run for mayor," wrote the retired city police officer on his Facebook page Wednesday. "This is an enormous task. I don't recall an elected incumbent mayor being beaten. I need to know that I will have the support to be successful. My feeling about this administration may not be shared with the majority of the voters."

Crawley said he'll have a better idea whether he should run if he can get 1,000 signatures of registered Pawtucket voters in the next five days, a much higher goal than the 200 signatures he's required to get by July 15. He's seeking 50 people who can commit to getting 10 signatures each.

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I think you'll find there are a lot of people in the city who agree with you This administration has forgotten how to listen to the voters of the city and too often just does what it wants please please give us a choice this year

Aside from this silly pr stunt about signatures and aside from this guy having little to no business or executive experience to speak of and aside from him likely just being a union plant that would raise our taxes left and right to give pay raises to all his friends, how can he run when he lives in North Carolina? I thought you had to live in the city much less the state to run for mayor in a given community.