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Tuesday, September 15

Those who own old houses (really, any houses) know just how much work they can be. You're making great progress on the painting when, bam, more dry rot that needs to be dug out, filled in and then sanded.

Eleven years ago, my wife and I bought a 1920 house with all sorts of potential but loads of work. This week, I tweeted that our fixer-upper is finally what I wanted it to be when we originally moved in, and the bulk of the work has been done on its 100th birthday. The final touches...


Friday, August 21

A Breeze reader recently reached out to me to thank us for our local election coverage and ask me about stories on specific races going forward. She's one of many local residents over the years to tell me they'd be completely lost without our stories on races and the candidates involved in them.

I appreciated the kind words, but I also pointed out to this resident what a scary world it would be with no one analyzing and vetting local election races. It's a world, frankly, where anyone...


Wednesday, August 19

The pandemic has been so painful for so many people, from losses of loved ones to loss of income and social interaction.

With any horrible situation, I try my very best to find the silver linings. During these last few months, I haven't had to look far.

The other day, I opened my front door to find the flowers you see pictured here. I knew right away that they had to be from my lovely new neighbors. I had mentioned how much I liked the way they arranged their flowers, and this...