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Thursday, June 23

Question answered.

Back in March, after our story on Pawtucket Sen. Jamie Doyle failing to pay Scituate businesswoman Melissa Bruno, we reached out to Senate President M. Teresa Paiva Weed to ask her about Doyle's status on the Senate Finance Committee. Either way, whether Paiva Weed thought he should stay or go, we felt she should say something on...


Saturday, June 4

There's been some confusion about why Pawtucket Sen. Jamie Doyle won't be held personally responsible for his debt to Scituate business owner Melissa Bruno, despite initial claims otherwise. (read my most recent story here). Bruno originally agreed to a new payment plan from Doyle in part because she would be able to sue him personally, and not...


Saturday, June 4

Congratulations to Pawtucket's own Foolproof Brewing Company for making Paste Monthly's 50 Most Underrated Craft Breweries in the U.S.A. list.

The publication is making it clear that this isn't a list of unknown breweries.

"When we say 'underrated' here, we’re talking about breweries that are largely known commodities, but ones that perhaps don’t...


Wednesday, May 11

In March I wrote about how Pawtucket dancer Raul Soto had won a chance to dance with Justin Bieber on the star's "Purpose" tour in Boston. On Tuesday night, Soto's dream came true. I believe that's him doing all the crazy flips around the two-minute mark.

Soto, a Central Falls youth who dances at Dancin Spirit Performing Arts in Pawtucket, won a #...


Thursday, May 5

Students at Shea High School are taking exception to my blog post about Principal Don Miller. A letter sent by senior Patience Adegboyega and signed by the "Shea Raiders" defends Miller as a leader who cares about students. It reads as follows:

Dear Mr. Shorey,

On behalf of the student body at Shea High School, I would like to express our outrage at...


Saturday, April 30

What a shame for the students of Shea High School.

On Friday night, I was scrolling through Twitter and saw some mediocre photos of the annual Shea Fashion Show popping up from an account run by outgoing Principal Don Miller. The Breeze has given the front-page treatment to the show in the past and it’s one of our favorite events to cover.

But as has been his practice for the entire 2015-2016 school year, Miller didn’t invite us to take pictures of the show, and...


Friday, April 1

IndieWhip, the Providence-based company at least partly responsible for the "Rhode Iceland" debacle, has released a new video making light of a situation that's caused headaches for state leaders all week.

Here it is:


Wednesday, March 30

The widespread consternation over the $500,000 spent on the design of a new “Rhode Island: Cooler and Warmer logo” for the state got me to thinking about the rebranding Pawtucket officials commissioned last year.

Working with city-based Glad Works, Mayor Donald Grebien and his staff got a new website (, logo, and “Pawtucket: Join the Evolution” slogan for just $5,000. Grebien spokesman Rico Vota said...


Wednesday, March 30

There’s been a lot of speculation about where the controversial “Cooler & Warmer” slogan for the comprehensive Rhode Island marketing campaign originated.

Oddly enough, the Providence-based advertising agency that created the “Rhode Iceland” video and helped with the campaign, IndieWhip, did work for another company with a stake in making people warmer and cooler.

The ”work” section of the...


Tuesday, March 29

Like a TV show that gains steam after the first awkward episode, sometimes promotional campaigns that elicit a negative first reaction can also find their way in this world.

I’m a sucker for commercials that tell me to come somewhere. Tim Allen’s dulcet tones on those “Pure Michigan” commercials make me want to hop in a Prius for a cross-country trip. And I don’t even play golf.

I want to love Rhode Island’s new $5 million marketing campaign, and there are parts of it that show...