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Wednesday, October 7

Plenty of politicians make promises of more transparency in government, but how many actually deliver when it counts?

The Rhode Island Press Association has joined ACCESS/RI, the Rhode Island ACLU, the New England First Amendment Coalition and the League of Women Voters of Rhode Island to call for Rhode Island's version of transparency to be more than just lip service.

Citing a recent “pattern of disturbingly inadequate” responses to open records requests “on truly critical...


Saturday, September 26

There are all kinds of fun little snippets coming out after the release of the 38 Studios depositions this week. One of the "only in Rhode Island" tidbits was that Henry Kinch Jr., the court clerk who prepared the documents for release, once invited the video game company to Pawtucket when he was president of the City Council there.

In a letter back in March of 2010, Kinch urged retired Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling to consider moving his Massachusetts-based 38 Studios to Pawtucket...


Tuesday, August 25

I was glad to see my blog post on the underperforming communications office at the Rhode Island Department of Transportation get so much attention, and relieved to learn that other reporters were experiencing similar problems, but my ultimate goal in finally going public was to force some change at the DOT.

It appears we’ve made some progress.

Reporters and...


Monday, August 24

Going to a baseball game is so much better as a 4-year-old.

It was with a little trepidation that I took my son to his second Pawtucket Red Sox game last Saturday. Some of you may remember my experience from last year, when we barely got through the sixth inning.

It helped that this was the inaugural “princess and pirate night” at McCoy Stadium, a brilliant idea if you ask me.

“Are you a scurvy pirate?” asked Snow White as Wesley pushed through the gate.

Wes, his...


Saturday, August 22

Like many of you, I don't have the easiest time losing weight. My wife and I have been watching our diet for a while now, and I just can't seem to get over the hump.

The other day, when she told me she told me she had a breakthrough on what my issue might be, I was both glad to hear it and quite fearful at the same time.

"We're eating too much cereal," she said.

I was shocked. Wait, my half bowl of low-calorie Chocolatey Delight with 1 percent milk is keeping me from...


Thursday, August 20

These two Pawtucket companies have achieved rapid growth as they've done their thing just a few hundred feet away from each other. There's Nuts 'N More, the company that got its big break on Shark Tank and has seen its nut butters embraced worldwide, and Foolproof Brewing Company, the local brewer that's grown its fan base with a deep assortment of flavors.

The common ingredient for these companies has been hard work from owners who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty.



Friday, August 14

At least one North Providence resident is noticing a change in local police officers since a mandate by Mayor Charles Lombardi that they get out in the neighborhoods to meet people.

The following is a letter from resident Anthony Cardarelli to Lombardi.

"After reading your article in The North Providence Breeze about police officers interacting with the public, it happened to me.

On Sunday, Aug. 10, I was just about to cross Humbert Street to walk over to Richard Road...


Saturday, August 8

For many years, the communications office at the Rhode Island Department of Transportation has played a key role in helping us tell you The Breeze reader what is going on with your roads and bridges. Staff tell us when and how roads are shutting down, when and how they'll be repaired, and how much it will all cost you.

The office once ran like a well-oiled machine, with people like Bryan Lucier, Charles St. Martin and Heidi Gudmundson, under former chief communications...


Thursday, July 30

I have this bad habit of picking up scratched lottery tickets on the chance that the person who bought them missed the fact that they had a winner.

I've hit on probably five or six throwaways in the past decade, most in the $5-$10 range, so it was quite a pleasant surprise when I spotted the back of a ticket on the ground outside a local convenience store that read, "Peace and Love - $20." I flipped it over to confirm that it was a $20 winner and immediately got all warm and fuzzy...


Wednesday, July 22

I'm a bad golfer. Terrible, really. Put it this way, the four times I've ever played, I hit par on a hole exactly two times.

When my kid brother asked me last year to go play disc golf, I was fairly reluctant to join in. But he was persuasive, saying anyone could play, so we took off for the woodsy course at Borderland State Park up north.

When my very first shot (throw) slammed into the side of a tree about 20 feet away (prompting hysterical laughter from the bro), I thought...