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Wednesday, September 10

Many of our readers know that we at The Breeze believe in great local election coverage. We inform readers leading up to the vote and we dissect and analyze the results for them afterward. We know that great election coverage can mean a more engaged electorate and a better community overall.

Our award-winning election coverage team is back at it this week. Check out all our stories on the local races that matter to you at

Friday, September 5

One of the most difficult questions to answer about the 2014 primary election in Rhode Island is how independent voters will impact it.

WPRO's Matt Allen hosted a discussion Friday afternoon asking listeners how they'll decide which primary to vote in on Sept. 9. As Allen pointed out, this year's primary is unusual even for Rhode Island as very few local races feature candidates in the general election, meaning many people will likely want to make their voice heard on the city or...


Tuesday, September 2

Brian Newberry, the Republican House minority leader from North Smithfield, has announced that he is switching his support from Republican gubernatorial candidate Allan Fung to Ken Block, Fung's opponent in the Sept. 9 primary. Newberry previously served on Fung's exploratory committee for governor.

Newberry told me Tuesday that he's making the switch because he now believes that Block is the better of the two candidates.

"I am endorsing Block for governor. My primary concern...


Friday, August 29

The students and staff at Pawtucket's Shea High School issued a very special ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on Friday. Check it out.

Tuesday, August 26

Do certain sounds remind you of the past? Would the clack of a typewriter or beeping of dial-up internet make you wax nostalgic about those early years?

It turns out there's a website dedicated to making sure the sounds of the past don't disappear. It's called The Museum of Endangered Sounds. Proving once again that Twitter isn't a waste of time...



Tuesday, August 19

I've seen plenty of great speeches by great coaches, both in the movies and in real life, but none have gotten me choked up quite like the one given by Coach Dave Belisle after his Cumberland Americans bowed out of the Little League World Series. In a world where many coaches want to prove how tough they are, and where some have forgotten that they have a responsibility to lead by example, Coach Belisle reminds us of what it means to be a great coach and mentor.

Watch the coach's...


Friday, August 8

Those of you who know me well know that I love cooking on the grill, in any weather and during any season. In a spirit of generosity for the holiday week, I've decided to share the inspiration for my latest creation.

The western bacon burger with barbecue mayo and crispy onion strings offers up a delightful combination of tastes. Check out the recipe:

I can't tell you my secret additions to the burger meat and barbecue...


Wednesday, August 6

School Committee member Sandra Cano says she did not intend to blame any one person for the committee's second violation of the Open Meetings Act. She pledged to do everything in her power to promote "open and transparent government" as a member of the committee going forward.

Cano said she does not blame former school attorney Stephen Robinson for allowing the committee to violate the Open Meetings Act. She re-emphasized her confidence that new attorney Jon Anderson won't allow...


Saturday, August 2

Sandra Cano, a Pawtucket School Committee member who is running for City Council, is the first school board member to make public comment on the committee's second violation of the Open Meetings Act since last year.

Cano told me Friday that she puts the blame for the violation on former school attorney Stephen Robinson for not properly advising members during a Feb. 11 meeting at which they held a lengthy illegal discussion behind closed doors. Robinson should have advised the...


Tuesday, July 15

North Providence Town Councilor Dino Autiello has referred to the local political scene as a "toxic" environment where little is getting done due to incessant battling between his Town Council and the Lombardi administration.

The following clip from a meeting last week illustrates well what Autiello is talking about. Director of Administration Dick Fossa and Council President Kristen Catanzaro are going at it about Catanzaro's treatment of Finance Director Justin Cambio.

... more