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I love that folks are joining in with my resolution

Knowing how badly my New Year's resolutions would flounder if I went too big this year, I decided to just keep them simple and easy. I posted my two resolutions on a Cumberland Facebook page as 2021 was about to commence, hoping a couple of people might be similarly inspired, but I couldn't believe the level of positive feedback I got.

"Two of my resolutions for 2021 are to pick up one bag of trash per week and to write at least one note of encouragement per week," I wrote. "Nothing huge, but I think we can make our community a better place by each taking more small actions in a positive direction."

That resolution on picking up trash was posted on Dec. 31, and since then I've heard from numerous Cumberland residents wanting to be part of it. Several people have tagged me in pictures letting me know about an area they cleaned up, and others have reached out saying they noticed an area being cleaned up for the first time in the long time.

Every spring, we at The Breeze sponsor Yellow Bag Day in Cumberland, a massive cleanup targeting the bulk of the mess, but imagine if we could extend that cleanup throughout the year. The community would be a cleaner and better place, increasing civic pride and general positive feelings. Many hands would make light work, and instead of complaining on Facebook, we could all be the change we want to see.

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