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I shopped local, and it was fun

On Nov. 21 I tweeted my goal to buy every one of my Christmas presents from a local person or store. Many responded to my tweet with similar comments, but some told me at that time that they didn't think I'd be able to do it.

Well I did #shopsmall all holiday season, and our local communities are better for it. With the exception of one stocking stuffer to my wife – a piece for her camera that I had to order special – all presents were purchased from local stores and vendors. Along the way I met all kinds of fun people and discovered some pretty amazing deals.

Now more than ever it's important to support local businesses, not just at the holidays but every day of the year. Spending my money at places such as Honey Dew Donuts, Ace Hardware and Ocean State Job Lot – or even with a local friend who makes wreaths for a living or another who sells beautiful jewelry – has a lasting impact. These are dollars that stay in the local community.

In this time when retail stores are expected to close in huge numbers, I hope you'll consider making a commitment to strengthening your community.

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