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On its 100th, it's finally what we envisioned

Those who own old houses (really, any houses) know just how much work they can be. You're making great progress on the painting when, bam, more dry rot that needs to be dug out, filled in and then sanded.

Eleven years ago, my wife and I bought a 1920 house with all sorts of potential but loads of work. This week, I tweeted that our fixer-upper is finally what I wanted it to be when we originally moved in, and the bulk of the work has been done on its 100th birthday. The final touches included a new periwinkle front door and accents, completed as we spent so much time at home during this pandemic. Like many others with their home improvement projects, this work was a bright spot for me in an otherwise tough year.

Please oblige me with these obligatory before and after pictures.

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