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Memo to Red Sox: Don't deal Bogaerts, Devers, Vazquez

Entering tonight's MLB action, the Boston Red Sox are 10-20 and most likely won't be one of the eight American League teams in this year's playoffs, and all signs point to them slowly trading off pieces of their team from now until next Monday's trade deadline.

That being said, three players that I hope aren't going anywhere are Xander Bogaerts, Rafael Devers, and Christian Vazquez.

Obviously, the Red Sox could probably get a handful of prospects for each of them, but in my eyes, they should focus on building their team around that group instead of discarding them for players you have to look up on or Baseball America.

With Bogaerts and Devers, you have outstanding young talent and one of the best left sides of the infield in all of baseball, and with Vazquez, you have one of the game's best all-around catchers, which don't grow on trees. You always want to be strong up the middle, which you obviously are with Bogaerts at shortstop and Vazquez behind the plate. And next year, those three players combined will be priced in the $27.5-$28 million range.

Alex Verdugo, who has been solid in his first year in the Red Sox's outfield, could fall into the untradeable group. But I'm fine with dealing anyone else, even J.D. Martinez (and that hefty contract) and especially Andrew Benintendi, who wasn't great last year or this season.

Kevin Pillar will probably be the first domino to fall, with Mitch Moreland not far behind. And Jackie Bradley is a free agent after this year -- I don't know what you can get for him. All that being said, it's going to be an interesting four or five days, and I'm expecting at least six current players to be changing their addresses come next Tuesday.

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